Announcing the 2012 Tom Lemming Prep Football Tour

Tom Lemming is teaming up with NCSA Athletic Recruiting on a nationwide tour to find the next group of top football stars.  We are selecting high school football athletes entering grades 9 – 12 next year, who are seriously committing themselves to play football at the collegiate level, and want to know more about what it takes to become an elite college recruit.

The Tom Lemming Prep Football Tour will be making stops in 12 different locations throughout the country.  Each city will have a select group of athletes invited to join Tom Lemming and NCSA at a unique location to learn more about the recruiting process and what it takes to make it to the next level.

This also gives each athlete a one of a kind chance to meet Tom Lemming, and could help give them a shot at making it into the 2012 Tom Lemming Prep Football Report.  Tom's book is viewed by many college coaches as a reference for recruiting athletes, and is considered by many as "The Bible" of college football recruiting.

2012 Tom Lemming Prep Football Tour Cities:

-          Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
-          Houston, TX
-          Phoenix, AZ
-          Miami, FL
-          Atlanta, GA
-          Raleigh-Durham, NC
-          Philadelphia, PA
-          Canton, OH
-          Denver, CO
-          Los Angeles, CA
-          Honolulu, HI
-          Chicago, IL

*Note*: Tour cities are subject to change to another location in the area

If any dedicated football athletes are interested in possibly getting invited to the 2012 Tom Lemming Prep Football Tour near you, please send the following information to

Full Name


Phone Number

Name of High School you Attend (or will attend)

High School Graduation Year

Home Address

City, State, Zip

Event Location you would be interested in getting invited to

And make sure you connect with Tom Lemming and NCSA on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all updates of the tour and the recruiting process.

NCSA's Facebook:

NCSA's Twitter:!/ncsa

Tom Lemming's Facebook:

Tom Lemming's Twitter:!/TomLemming

If you have any questions, or would like more information, you can email, or call 312-205-7536.

Thank you, and good luck to everyone on the remainder of your season!

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