Top Ten Offensive Linemen of 2011

1. •••••  John Theus                                                 6-6, 301, 5.1                         Jacksonville Boles, FL

The #1 ranked LT prospect in the country, he reminds me an awful lot of Joe Thomas.

On Film–#71 proves to be an exceptional pass and run blocker. One of the more athletic 300 pounders you will find, he shows great footwork, an aggressive and tenacious style of play, gets great leverage, dominates the point of attack, always gives good effort, and always plays under control. He keeps his shoulders square, presents tremendous lateral agility to slide and mirror, and has proven to be the prototypical left tackle with the long arms, quick feet, and outstanding technique.

Stats–In 2010 he dominated from start to finish earning 1st Team All-Coast. Has the frame to weigh between 320 and 330 in college.

Other Sports–Has thrown the shot put over 47' and the discus 135' in track. Averages 16 points and 15 rebounds a game as a center in basketball. His brother, Nathan, is a freshman at Georgia.

Grades–His GPA is 3.0 and he scored an 1100 on the SAT. Benches 300.

Favorite Schools–Committed to GEORGIA.

2. •••••  Andrus Peat                6-7, 280, 4.9                         Tempe Corona Del Sol, AZ

I first got a look at Andrus over a year ago when I went to Tempe to check out his brother Todd Peat, Jr. I was impressed then and even more so now. He's every bit of 6' 7", looks very thin at 280, and has been blessed with extraordinary athletic ability.

On Film–#75 amazes you with his quickness off the ball and his ability to get out into the open field and block down on linebackers. As nimble footed as they come, he has the potential and ability to become a college All-American and a future all-pro. Shows that quickness, balance, change of direction, and mentality the college scouts look for in an All-American. He plays LT in high school and will wind up playing LT in college. As soon as he forgets about being a basketball player Andrus will become even more accomplished. He shows natural power, can dominate the point of attack, always seems to get good positioning effortlessly, stays low, and can get under the defender to drive him off the play. He just seems to do everything well and effortlessly. Once he hits a college weight program there could be no stopping him. He has a very polished kickslide to mix things up quickly and is technically the best big guy I've seen in the country.

Stats–Graded out at over 90% in his blocking assignments, led the league in pancake blocks, and totaled 5½ sacks at DE.

Other Sports–In basketball he averages over 15 points and 10 rebounds a game as a PFW.

Grades–His GPA is 3.6 and he's been on the honor roll throughout his high school career.

Favorite Schools–His brother signed with Nebraska so look out for the Cornhuskers but Andrus is also keeping an eye on STANFORD, USC, NOTRE DAME, ASU, MIAMI, CLEMSON, TX, LSU, MI, CO, FL, and AL.

3. •••••  D.J. Humphries                                          6-5, 265, 4.86                       Charlotte Mallard Creek, NC

The #1 prospect in the state ranks among the top 15 overall prospects nationally, and just might be the most athletic of all the top offensive line prospects.

On Film–He trains with Mo Collins and you can see a lot of Mr. Collins in D.J. I compare him more to D'Brickshaw Ferguson when it comes to overall athletic ability and growth potential. He looks thin at 265 but can run like a 200 pounder. As fluid as they come, he's an exceptional pass blocker who is aggressive. He can work his way to the second level in the blink of an eye, can bend his knees, is agile as a cat with great balance, and shows the ability to slide outside and cut off even the quickest of edge rushers. The consummate LT, barring injury D.J. should become a college All-American. Athletic enough to play any position along the line, he's quick and strong enough to become a dominating LT. I watched D.J. play against Chester in which he proved to be a man among boys and totaled 19 pancake blocks in that one game.

Stats–Averaged 14 pancake blocks a game, his lowest grade of the season was 82%, and his highest was 97%. Earned 1st Team All-State honors for his play at LT. A difference maker at the OT position, his father, Diearrius Humphries, played for the Baltimore Ravens and Arena ball.

Grades–His GPA is 2.9. Benches 315 and has a 32" VJ.

Favorite Schools–Committed to FLORIDA.

4. •••••  Zach Banner                                              6-9, 315, 5.2                         Lakewood Lakes, WA

I've watched this young man each of the past two seasons and I thought he played better as a sophomore. Zach, like Andrus Peat, also considers himself a basketball player, so once he gets that straightened out, look out.

On Film–The son of Lincoln Kennedy possesses all the tools for greatness. Years ago I went to see Jon Ogden play high school ball in Washington D.C. and I believe at this stage Zach is farther along. Ogden had to redistribute his weight and hit the weight room, Banner does not have to do that. Although he has not been much for weightlifting, he already has a great frame and could carry 340 pounds. He can bend his knees, slide and mirror, and has been blessed with strong hands and super long arms. If he wants it badly enough, there will be no stopping him. Has freakish size and is a natural athlete, and those two together are a deadly combination when they are put with the good work ethic and his size 18 shoes. He's the type of LT that when he gets his hands on you it's all over.

Stats–This season he earned 1st Team All-News Tribune honors at LT and was named H-M All-State.

Other Sports–Averages 11 points and 16 rebounds a game as a center in basketball.

Grades–His GPA is 3.6. Benches 300.


5. •••••  Jarron Jones                                                6-5½, 298, 4.99                    Rochester Aquinas Inst., NY

The #1 prospect in the state of New York and one of the nation's finest offensive lineman.

On Film–#74 proves to be an All-American at both the LT and DT positions. He slightly favors the DT position but I believe he has what it takes to become a difference maker at the LT position in college. In person Jarron is an impressive looking 6-5½, 298 pounds and on film he's even more impressive with his quick feet and hands, and aggressive style of play. He's quick to get out of his stance and is a smart and tough ball player with the athleticism to stand out. Shows the strength to drive the defender off the ball and the quickness to pull and trap. When out in space, he can effectively block down on linebackers. Has an explosive first step and the leg drive to consistently drive defenders off the ball. He plays the game with good balance, keeps his shoulders square, shows very good lateral agility to slide and mirror, and seems to have no difficulty at all keeping edge rushers away from his QB. In fact, he dominated everyone he went up against.

Stats–Recorded 68 tackles, 10 sacks, 14 tackles for losses, and 1 pick at DT. This year he will play end on defense. On offense he did not allow a sack and graded out at over 90% in his blocking assignments on his way to helping his team win the state championship. Since becoming a starter at LT Aquinas has a 23 and 1 record.

Other Sports–Averages 4 points and 7 rebounds a game as a center in basketball.

Grades–His GPA is 2.3 and he scored a 17 on the ACT. Benches 315.

Favorite Schools–Committed to NOTRE DAME.

6. •••••  Jordan Simmons                                        6-5, 320, 5.0                         Encino Crespi, CA

Some people believe the five-star tag I have given Mr. Simmons may be a little bit high but believe me, after watching him on film I've come away certain that he will become a college All-American either at tackle or guard.

On Film–He plays both tackle and guard and plays them with size, strength, quickness, aggressiveness, and has proven as tenacious as they come. This guy never lets up, plays hard until the whistle, shows great initial punch, and exceptionally quick feet for a 320 pounder. He can run with any O-line prospect in the west. I was impressed with his flexibility and lateral agility when pass blocking, no one gets by Mr. Simmons. He cuts off edge rushers like a seasoned pro. A powerhouse of a lineman, he plays the game on his feet, and dominated every opponent he went up against in 2010.

Stats–Averaged 8 pancake blocks a game totaling over 100 for the season including 12 against Chula Vista. Earned All-State honors.

Other Sports–Has been timed in a 13.6 100 meters, not bad for a 320 pounder, and averages 8 points and 9 rebounds a game as center in basketball.

Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 325.


7. ••••+ J.J. Denman                                                6-6, 310, 5.15                       Fairless Hills Pennsbury, PA

I met J.J. and his coach the day after signing day, sat down, watched film, and came away with the impression that he has to rank among the very best run blockers in the country.

On Film–He shows exceptionally quick feet, athleticism, superior strength, awareness, and aggressiveness. Has a take no prisoners attitude and a mean streak a mile wide. He will bury 200 pounders as well as 300 pounders. Shows very good hand/eye coordination, can redirect quickly, and has enough quickness, body control, and burst to successfully block out on the second level, and he's just what the doctor ordered for the LT position. His junior film shows him playing LT, RT, and OG.

Stats–Earned All-Area and All-State honors for his play at OT.

Other Sports–Has played lacrosse and some basketball.

Grades–His GPA is 2.8. Benches 345.

Favorite Schools–Committed to PENN STATE.

8. ••••+ Jordan Diamond                                        6-6, 300, 5.2                         Chicago Simeon, IL

The #1 prospect in the state of Illinois has impressed everyone who has seen him in action, either in person or on film.

On Film–Every bit of 6-6, he shows the length, the long arms, the quick hands, the quick feet, and the aggressive style of play that the college scouts love to see. He has a take no prisoners' attitude, never lets up, shows good hand/punch in pass protection, can seal and sustain blocks, and he's exceptionally strong at the point of attack. He anchors well and he uses his outstanding athletic ability to slide and mirror and cut off fast edge rushers. One of the most dominating LT's in the country.

Stats–Earned 1st Team All-State honors in 2010 and has not allowed a sack during his prep career.

Grades–His GPA is 3.3 and he scored a 20 on the ACT. Benches 375 and has a 25" VJ.


9. ••••+ Joshua Garnett                                           6-4½, 275, 5.2                      Puyallup, WA

Most every high school coach I talk to in the Seattle-Tacoma area this past spring regarded Mr. Garnett to be a better player than Zach Banner. However, he is 4" shorter and about 40 pounds lighter.

On Film–Josh, once again, proved why he is considered to be one of the nation's top LT prospects. Like Zach Banner, he was in our magazine last summer as a future All-American and that's exactly what he is, an All-American. He is adept as both a pass and run blocking, shows exceptionally quick hands and feet, a great first step, does a great job of getting to the second level and burying linebackers, has an aggressive style of play, plays with a passion, and has proven to be a very good all around athlete with excellent lateral agility and balance. He is quick to handle the outside rush and is dominating in one-on-one pass blocking situations. He always gives consistent effort, is as durable as they come, and just explodes off the ball dominating the point of attack.

Stats–A two-time 1st Team All-SPSL pick at LT, he graded out at close to 90% in his blocking assignments last season. Was also a 1st Team selection at DE.

Grades–His GPA is 3.8. Benches 340 and has a 30" VJ.


10. ••••+ Evan Goodman                                         6-5, 280, 5.0                         Lakeland Senior, FL

Along with Freddie Tagaloa, Evan is one of the two most impressive looking OL prospects in the country.

On Film–He's big, strong, aggressive, tough, and relentless. He plays LT on offense and end on defense. He shows a great burst off the line, dominates at the point of attack, can slide and mirror, shows good balance, quick feet in pass protection, which allows him to cut off the speed rush, and also has proven to be a good positional blocker. A powerhouse with a bright future.

Stats–Earned All-Central Florida honors for his play on offense. He graded out at over 90% in his blocking assignments.

Grades–His GPA is 3.1. Benches 300.

Favorite Schools–Committed to ASU.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Offensive Linemen of 2011

  • October 31, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Watch out for Vero Beach High School’s Connor Moore in next year’s rankings. Last year’s Junior Rank MVP in Tempe is getting lots of mail from Duke, Harvard, PSU, Vandy, Pitt and Rutgers. At 6’2 255, I really think he is the next David Molk. It is refreshing that you don’t have to be a 6’6 310 lb giant to be a dominating OL prospect! Enjoy the link, it is Moore putting in work at Football University Camp in Orlando. If Larry Zierlein loves him, you know he’s good.

  • November 11, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Watch out for Vero Beach High School’s Connor Moore in next year’s rankings. Last year’s Junior Rank MVP in Tempe is getting lots of mail from Duke, Harvard, PSU, Vandy, Pitt and Rutgers. At 6’2 255, I really think he is the next David Molk. It is refreshing that you don’t have to be a 6’6 310 lb giant to be a dominating OL prospect! Enjoy the link, it is Moore putting in work at Football University Camp in Orlando. If Larry Zierlein loves him, you know he’s good.

  • November 12, 2011 at 6:44 am

    jeremy ward has got to be a top 10 o lineman!

  • November 21, 2011 at 8:02 am

    NJ Hoffman @ 6’3″ 285 Immaculata is late bloomer that dominated at left tackle but is D1 guard with very fast feet and FB IQ info at NCSA & under armour camps – all upside –


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