Top Ten Wide Receivers of 2011

1. •••••  Dorial Green-Beckham                            6-6, 220, 4.43                       Springfield-Hillcrest, MO
I've had Dorial ranked as the #1 player in his class for the past two years. Seventeen years ago I went to Belle, West Virginia to see Randy Moss, and since then few have come close in comparison. While Dorial has not only come close, I believe he's the equal of Randy Moss.
On Film–He's a combination of A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Randy Moss. At the WR position, he can do it all. The prototypical WR at 6-6, 220, he's sort of a hybrid and is more suited to be spread out to create miss-matches. He gets a great initial burst off the line, a long strider who can get to top speed in a hurry, and shows good lateral agility and very impressive acceleration, which he uses to avoid tacklers. His size, speed, and body control is second to none. If he stays healthy, he should become an instant impact player as a true freshman. He does it all, he's a good downfield blocker, catches the ball with his hands and in full stride, and shows the lateral agility to cutback against the grain. He possesses elite speed and he's most of all one of the most productive high school WR prospects in the country. He is capable of making sensational catches look routine and uses his 6-6 frame, long arms, and 32" VJ to snag high throws. Just the consummate WR.

Stats–Caught 78 passes for 1,743 yds and 15 TDs averaging 22.3 yds per catch.

Other Sports–Took state in the 100 meters with a time of 10.59. Also took state in the triple jump with a leap of 47' 2", and came in second in state in the long jump with a leap of 24' 3" to his credit. He also averages 22 points and 12 rebounds a game as a PFW in basketball. Like Randy Moss, he was named All-State in three sports.

Grades–His GPA is a solid 3.0 and he scored an 18 on the ACT and benches 305.

Favorite Schools–Everyone wants to know where Mr. Green-Beckham is going. Never rule out the local school of Missouri. Other schools very high on his list are AL, AUBURN, NOTRE DAME, OK, TX, USC, OH STATE, AR (which is less than a two hour drive away), LSU, MI, NE, FL, and FL STATE.

2. •••••  Cayleb Jones                                              6-2, 190, 4.5                         Austin High, TX

Nationally ranked as the #2 WR prospect in the country, Cayleb is a joy to watch.

On Film–He shows the speed, quickness, hands, and heart to make a difference at the WR position. An impact player, he's a sure handed receiver with outstanding moves in the open field. He plays big in big games and is a strong receiver who can absorb a hard hit, keep his feet, and hang onto the ball. He's a playmaker and a home run threat. He also shows the outstanding body control to make acrobatic catches in traffic and he consistently gets clean releases off the line showing elite speed and quickness. He should become an impact player as a true freshman in 2012.

Stats–Earned 1st Team All-State honors after catching 91 passes for 1,141 yds and 9 TDs.

Grades–His GPA is over a 3.0. His father, Robert Jones, played LB for the Dallas Cowboys.

Favorite Schools–Committed to TEXAS.

3. ••••+ Durron Neal                                                6-0, 191, 4.48                       St. Louis Desmet, MO Jesuit, MO

In a normal year he would rank as the #1 WR prospect in his state but this is no normal year, still Mr. Neal is being recruited from coast to coast.

On Film–#5 does a great job of adjusting to difficult balls, shows strong hands, can snatch the ball out of the air, breaks tackles, runs good routes, and comes off the ball fast with quick releases. A natural receiver, he seems to be doing everything effortlessly. He does a good job of defeating the initial jam at the line, can sink his hips, and explode out of his cuts. At 6' with a 37" VJ, he plays like a 6-4 receiver. His first game on his highlight tape has him totaling over 300 all-purpose yards and 6 TDs against the very dangerous Hazelwood East. He recovered nicely from a right knee injury. Electric with the ball in his hands, he's as agile as they come. In 2010 he played QB, RB, and WR and he should mainly play WR this season.

Stats–Carried the ball 115 times for 1,001 yds and 10 TDs. Caught 17 passes for an eye-popping 407 yds and 8 TDs. He completed 28 of 73 passes for 506 yds and 8 scores and totaled 20 tackles and 3 picks seeing part-time duty at FS. He also returned a couple of punts back for scores.

Other Sports–He's been timed in a 10.9 100, a 22.5 200 meters, and has long jumped 21½ feet in track.

Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 255 and has a 37" VJ.

Favorite Schools–Committed to OKLAHOMA.

4. ••••   Avery Johnson                                           6-2, 185, 4.5                         Pompano Beach Ely, FL

One of the more heavily recruited WR prospects in the south.

On Film–Avery shows very good straight line speed and also shows good balance, flexibility, and surprising strength when taking a hit from a defender. He can quickly accelerate downfield, does a good job of catching the ball over his shoulder, and also shows the versatility to be a game changer as a receiver or a kick returner. Uses his hands well to catch the ball and has proven to be an elusive runner after the catch.

Stats–Caught 55 passes for 705 yds and 7 TDs on his way to earning All-County mention in 2010.

Favorite Schools–Committed early to LSU.

5. ••••+ Chris Black                                                 6-0, 175, 4.4                         Jacksonville First Coast, FL

Once again it's an outstanding year for WR prospects in the state of Florida and at the top of that list is Mr. Black.

On Film–Chris is not the tallest WR around but uses his 36" VJ to his great advantage. He brings speed, quickness, and creativity to the wide receiver position. He runs precise routes, has a second gear, accelerates quickly, and once he gets a half step on a defender that's when the fun starts. He catches everything within his frame and drives the defense crazy with his ability to get open. A very consistent receiver with big play capabilities.

Stats–Last season he caught 49 passes for 990 yds and 12 TDs averaging close to 20 yds per catch.

Grades–His GPA is over a 2.5. Benches 265.

Favorite Schools–Committed to ALABAMA

6. ••••+ JaQuay Williams                                       6-3, 201, 4.5                         Franklin Heard Co., GA

The #1 WR prospect in the state of Georgia is exceptionally quick off the line with excellent body control.

On Film–#1 has proven to be a student of the game. He picks things up quickly, he does a great job of putting his body between the defender and the ball, can out leap most defenders, and has been blessed with blazing speed. He runs sharp routes, can accelerate after the catch, catches the deep ball over his shoulder very well, and has proven to be a big-time threat. A physical WR who appears to have all the tools.

Stats–Caught 26 passes for over 700 yds and 12 TDs averaging well over 20 yds per catch at WR and also picked off 3 passes totaling 26 tackles at CB. He's a cousin of all-pro Derelle Revis.

Other Sports–Averages 21 points and 10 rebounds a game as a guard in basketball. A year ago he was timed in a 10.5 100 meters in track.

Grades–His GPA is 2.8. Benches 275 and has an excellent 38" VJ.

Favorite Schools–Committed to AUBURN.

7. ••••+ Leonte Carroo                                            6-1, 200, 4.4                         Ramsey Don Bosco Prep, NJ

This school is absolutely loaded and might have more Division I players than any other school in the country for the class of 2012 and one of the very best players is WR Leonte Carroo.

On Film–He brings size, speed, strength, leaping ability, concentration, and production to the recruiting table and does everything expertly and with ease. He gets in and out of his cuts quickly, catches the ball, and then turns up field in a flash. He always takes what the defense gives him, catches the ball at its highest point, and is a reliable player who always seems to get the job done. He knows how to get himself open and has the kind of blazing speed that can keep a defense honest. Can track the long ball over his shoulder and is also a threat in the red zone. A premier prospect and one of the nation's finest.

Stats–Caught 47 passes for 1,182 yds and 14 TDs averaging 21 yds per catch on his way to earning 3rd Team All-State honors.

Other Sports–Has been timed in a 10.8 100 and a 22.1 200 meters in track. Averages 10 points and 10 rebounds a game in basketball.

Grades–His GPA is over a 2.0. Benches 230.

Favorite Schools–Committed to RUTGERS

8. ••••+ Deontay Greenberry                                 6-3, 188, 4.4                         Fresno Washington Union, CA

In person Tay-B already looks like an NFL WR.

On Film–He's a big, muscular, super fast, and talented receiver and #4 is as good at going up and getting the ball as anyone in the country. He certainly has the elite speed the college scouts are looking for in a big receiver. He already knows how to use his body to shield the CB and make the tough grab. He can also make the tough, over the shoulder catch look routine, and has consistently shown the ability to get in and out of his cuts quickly, catch the ball with his hands and in stride. Tay-B also consistently gets separation from the defender. He shows great concentration, soft hands, and terrific acceleration. A red zone and deep ball threat, and an exciting creative player after the catch. An All-American waiting to happen.

Stats–Caught 60 passes for 1,208 yds and 8 TDs on his way to earning All-Fresno area honors.

Other Sports–He's been timed in a 10.82 100 and a 21.3 200 meters in track.

Grades–His GPA is around a 3.0. Benches 260 and has a 36" VJ. A potential difference maker.

Favorite Schools–Committed to NOTRE DAME.

9. ••••+ Jordan Payton                                            6-2, 202, 4.49                       Westlake Village Oaks Christian, CA

Has been listed in our magazine as a future All-American the past two years, this year he's a certain All-American.

On Film–He has proven to be one of the more physical receivers you will find, shows good instincts, runs precise routes, and knows how to get open. Catches the ball at its highest point and can create after the catch. Runs through arm tackles and is a strong, physical runner who is a load to bring down. An athletic WR who can get in and out of his cuts quickly, runs precise routes, has the agility to change directions quickly, and has the burst and speed to get separation on the fastest of defenders. A go-to guy with the ability to become an impact offensive player in college.

Stats–Caught 61 passes for 907 yds and 10 TDs and totaled 42 tackles at FS.

Grades–His GPA is 2.8. Benches 230 and has a 34" VJ.

10. ••••+ Dwayne Stanford                                      6-4, 195, 4.5                         Cincinnati Taft, OH

The #1 WR prospect in Ohio and one of the country's finest.

On Film–#17 presents a big target, great hands, deceptive speed, runs precise routes, and can catch the ball in traffic and show moves after the catch. He has proven to be a very difficult tackle, can get to top speed quickly, and is dominant in the red zone. He reminds me an awful lot of Chris Henry. He compliments his height with outstanding strength, which is the reason why he has become such a tough tackle. He catches the ball with his hands and can routinely make the catch outside his frame.

Stats–Caught 44 passes for 865 yds and 9 TDs averaging 20 yds per catch on his way to earning All-City and some All-State mention.

Other Sports–Averages 14 points and 11 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball.

Grades–His GPA is 3.6. Benches 225 and has a 32" VJ.

Favorite Schools–MI, FSU, AL, OH ST, NOTRE DAME, TN, NC, PURDUE, GA, and AUBURN.

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  • October 17, 2011 at 9:00 am

    Charlie Miller from Vero Beach High School is the best receiver I’ve ever seen on the Treasure Coast of FL. He has 23 catches for 708 yards and 6 TD through six games, and a 55-yard PR TD to boot. He just started playing this spring after a standout basketball career at VBHS.

    5’11” 185
    4.4 40 time
    40″ vertical leap

    Think Lee Evans for a comparison . . .


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